Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School

Our Mission:


We give youth the tools to become lifelong learners and innovators in the fields of food and nutritionscience, technologyengineering, the arts, and mathematics.

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Our Mission

To provide a developmentally appropriate enrichment program in a safe learning environment that grows a child’s curiosity for higher education and creates lifelong healthy habits through a forward-thinking curriculum and healthy menu. To build consciousness, compassion, and confidence through the love of food and education.

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Our Difference


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Extended hours: 6:30AM – 6:30PM

We provide an interactive, enriching, and kind environment where children can learn, laugh, play, and grow!


We have very high expectations for our young scholars and provide hands-on multi-sensory and multidisciplinary learning experiences.

Parent/School Communication:

We strive to be in constant contact with our families whether through one on one meetings, daily reports, text message, newsletter or other forms of communication.

Do you want to occasionally check on your child or to leave management or your child's teacher a quick note? That could be arranged!

Photo by diego_cervo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by diego_cervo/iStock / Getty Images

Healthy Nutrition:  

Breakfast, lunch, and wholesome snacks are offered. Your child's day will be enhanced by a nutrition and food curriculum!

Gardening Fun:

There will be many wonderful experiences in our school's indoor and outdoor garden.

Physical Education:

We have an indoor play area and a covered outdoor play space!

Photo by Weedezign/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Weedezign/iStock / Getty Images

Character Development and Life Skills: 

We will nurture your child's power of intention, mindfulness, and meditation daily and present opportunities for not only positive acts of autonomy, but also helpful service within the community.

Morning Meeting/reflections:

Our school’s core principles of charity, creativity, candor, compassion, and community will be the focus of our morning assemblies.

Music and culture Appreciation:

Music and rhythms, traditions, animals, people, places, and things from around the world will always be celebrated!


Our Programs

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The educational and enrichment FULL DAY program includes lunch, morning and PM afternoon snack.  Extended hours include breakfast and LATE PM snack.  Dinner is also prepared for the occasionally scheduled Parent’s Night Out events. 

Your Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten childcare and educational experience will include but is not limited to programming in the fields of sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts. There are early morning and afternoon enrichment programs like morning meeting, character development curriculum, and outdoor and indoor physical education activities.  



"Ivbaria's warm, fun-loving, and sensitive persona make her someone children naturally want to be around."


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Join Our Team

would you like to join our team? EVERYONE is considered a very crucial member of the Gumedia Nutritional Sciences School Family!

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Lead Teachers

  • Preschool

  • Pre-Kindergarten I

  • Pre-Kindergarten II

  • Transitional Kindergarten

  • Before & After School Program / Tutoring / Summer Enrichment

Assistant Teachers


On-Going Substitutes

Program and Curriculum Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Front Desk/Concierge/Administrative Assistant

Executive Chef


Food Handler/Prep Cook


Please send your cover letter and resume to . Thank you in advance!


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